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  • Dr. David Strain

    < Back to LCK Champions Dr. David Strain Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant at National Health Service Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant at National Health Service

  • What Is Long Covid | Long Covid Kids

    What Is Long Covid? Acute Covid-19 Infection This is the NICE term used to describe the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 for up to 4 weeks, regardless of the severity of infection. Ongoing Symptomatic Covid-19 This is the NICE term used to describe the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 from 4 weeks up to 12 weeks. This is known as Long Covid. Post Covid Syndrome This is the NICE term used to describe the signs and symptoms that develop during or following an infection consistent with COVID-19, continue for more than 12 weeks and are not explained by an alternative diagnosis. There has not yet been a consensus for a Long COVID case definition, but work is underway. However Long Covid has been characterised as a "prolonged condition with multi-system involvement and significant disability with an episodic or fluctuating nature". Read More Long Covid Kids Symptom Prevalence Our initial rapid survey was completed before Long Covid was recognised in children; to provide early evidence of Long Covid symptom prevalence and aid our calls for paediatric Long Covid clinics. ​ Please see the research page for the latest paediatric research from around the globe that supports our initial findings. We don't yet know which children will get Long Covid, or if there is a way to prevent it after Covid infection. It is reported that many children recover fully from Covid. However, up to 14% of children sadly go on to develop Long Covid. Long Covid is the term used to describe symptoms that last more than 4 weeks. In the UK any child that has symptoms for more than 4 weeks is eligible for a referral to an NHS Long Covid Hub. To obtain an oppointment children must be refered to the Hub by their GP. We don't yet know how long it takes for children to get better from Long Covid, or what casues it. The only way to avoid Long Covid is to avoid COVID-19 infection. Many children are still ill from the first and second waves of COVID-19. Please see our statistics page for up to date data.

  • Dr. Deepti Gurdasani

    < Back to LCK Champions Dr. Deepti Gurdasani Dr Gurdasani is a clinical epidemiologist and statistical geneticist by background. After completing her clinical training in Internal Medicine at Christian Medical College, Vellore, India, she completed her MPhil in Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of Cambridge in 2010, followed by a PhD in examination of genetic factors associated with disease in genetically diverse populations, during which she examined genetic factors associated with severe influenza, and virus control in HIV infection. Her subsequent work has focused on global health, specifically using complex statistical methods to understand social, clinical, and genetic risk factors associated with disease in diverse populations across the globe. Her current focus is on understanding the impact of different interventions, as well as environmental, social, and geographical factors on the COVID-19 pandemic in a global context.. Dr. Gurdasani is an #LCKChampion Epidemiologist

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